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Welcome to Global Bikes bike shops. Arizona's #1 Dealer for Specialized Bikes. Multiple bike shop locations in Ahwatukee, Chandler, and Gilbert Arizona

Global Bikes Buys Used Bikes

Global Bikes Buys Used Bikes

Global Bikes is currently looking for quality used bikes to resale online and in our stores.  With that said it should be understood that we are not a retail buyer.  For best financial results we suggest selling your bike on Craigslist or Ebay.  However if you are looking to clean out the garage and or simply do not want the hassle of dealing with a Craiglist or Ebay transaction we can be a simple and secure option when it comes to selling your bicycle.  It is also important to note that our Gilbert, AZ location is our only location that buys bikes outright.  ***please note that we are selective when purchasing bikes and do not buy all brands, sizes, types, and somtimes not at all when we reach certain in-store stock levels. 

Evaluation and Appraisal:

Once you bring your bike in to our Gilbert location we can begin our evaluation.  First off we need to see if it is a model that we are interested in purchasing. At times we do not buy certain types of bikes as we may be overstocked in that particular area or we have decided that a particular type of bike does not have enough demand to justify a purchase.  If we decide that your bike is one that we are interested in we will give you two offers.  First we will give you a Trade-in value, this value is partially derived from Bicycle Blue Books Trade in Calculator below, however your bikes value is also dependant on overall condition and re-saleability.  The second quote that we will give to you is our purchase offer, which will generally be 20% less than the Trade-in offer. 

Once you have received the offers it's all up to you, no pressure here.   If you elect to go with the trade credit you may use it immediately or we can load up a Global Bikes gift card for future use.  If you want to go forward with the purchase option we will write you a check.  Regardless of which route you decide to go please take a look at the transaction details and requirements below.


Global Bikes also provides a consignment option that may net the seller a bit more than a purchase offer.  Additioanlly some bikes that we may not be interested in purchasing out right may qualifiy as a consignment candidate, please see store for details. 


Please shoot us a note a note or give us a ring at 480-892-1315

Transaction details and requirements:

  • Bring your Bike to our Gilbert location - 480-892-1315
  • Valid state ID and (1) *other form of identification is required
  • Thumb print from seller
  • In some cases we may take a photo of seller's vehicle and license plate
  • We record the bicycles serial number
  • The transaction is video recoded via our video surveillance system
  • Completed and signed proof of ownership statement
  • All purchase transactions are paid via check
  • Sale uploaded onto to check if item has been reported as stolen

               *debit or credit card, S.S. card, Military ID, School ID

Important Points

  • We do not buy every bike that is brought in to us.
  • We buy at wholesale rates (~1/2 private party sale) - You will get more for your bike selling it on Ebay or Craigslist
  • The Bicycle Blue Book evaluation tool below is for estimating Trade values, Purchase offers will be about 20% less.

Find Your Bike Value Through Bicycle Blue Book

Global Bikes buys used bikes and makes it safe, secure and simple. Stop by the shop if you have any questions.